meta5 platform

From integrating, cleansing and combining data from disparate sources to automating, managing, auditing and distributing reports, meta5's suite of microservices helps you do it all.
Bring data processing to your desktop with meta5's easy-to-use, highly functionable and visually programmable interface. Our suite of 200+ microservices allows you to combine multiple and/or incongruent data sources, transform data, and report and present your results immediately in a finished, programmable Excel, Word or PDF report—all with industry-standard governance and security features to keep your data secure.

key features

CAPSULE® Technology
meta5's integrated visual platform is powered by our CAPSULE® Technology, and built on the rock-solid foundation of Metaphor Computer Systems (later acquired by IBM)—renowned for its unparalleled track record of developing complex business process automation solutions for Fortune 500 companies.
Combine meta5's microservices in a sequence (like a flow chart) to create a custom CAPSULE® that generates an integrated report automatically—and almost instantly—without writing code.
With rich distribution capabilities, CAPSULE® results can be shared wherever team members, stakeholders and business partners prefer to view them.
User communities are automatically informed of any changes or anomalies in your data, helping to mitigate human error.
Scheduling capabilities allow you to run each CAPSULE® on a time-specific or triggered-event basis.

Microsoft Excel Superiority

meta5 is simply the best MS Excel integration and MS Office automation tool in the industry. We eliminate the cutting and pasting typically required to reconstruct your sophisticated Excel and Word templates, and deliver the power of macros without writing any code.

Comprehensive Toolsets

meta5's 200+ microservices or "icons" give you the power to access, cleanse, transform, aggregate, distribute and integrate data across your enterprise. Our API creates an open data access gateway, and our web portal gives you web-based access wherever you are.
Data Access
Query tools, SQL query tools, Reporter tools, PC Tools
Data transformation
clean messy data, delete null rows, etc
data aggregation
sum, pivot, group data
data distribution
email, SMS, MMS, write to web, cloud or network drives
pc integration
Excel, Word, PDF, CSV

Unlimited Integrations

meta5 helps you maximize, utilize and integrate almost any technology to help your business run more effectively.
Create unlimited integrations with virtually every major business application.
Integrate all types of programs, applications and data that your team already uses, so you spend less time learning other BI, query and reporting tools, and more time analyzing the data.
Data analysts can easily integrate disparate ad hoc data sources and produce high-value reports that drive your bottom line.
Reports can be replicated, repeated and revised to reflect new data and data sources at any time.

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