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Friday, July 20, 2018

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Data Warehouse Architecture and Design
Meta5 has over ten years of experience with optimizing, designing, implementing and teaching data warehousing for decision support systems to many Fortune 500 companies. During this time, the 'Star' schema methodology has emerged as one of the design standard in data warehousing. Our staff has worked for Metaphor and helped pioneer the concepts of this methodology. Our design process considers the type and frequency of queries, the unique characteristics of each database engine, data aggregates, indexing and end user views through metadata. Careful data warehouse design is critical for achieving performance and end user satisfaction. Meta5 has experience working with various database management systems such as DB2, Oracle, Teradata, Sybase, SQL/DS, and ODBC.
Application Development
Meta5 has specialized experience with developing applications usingthe Meta5 tool set. Over our history, we have worked closely with our clients to develop thousands of Meta5 business reporting applications. These applications have made it significantly easier for business professionals to make decisions that impact their bottom line. These applications have been built with an understanding of data sources such as Nielsen and IRI Scanner, Audit and Key Account Data, Panel Data, Hogan Data, Media Data, IMS Plantrack and General Ledger data. Moreover, our applications have merged internal company data with these data sources to give the analyst a more complete understanding of their business. Meta5's expertise combined with the Meta5 tool set has allowed us to provide cost effective timely solutions to application needs.
Customized Training
Successful installations of Meta5 always include training as an integral part of the solution. To assist with this training, Meta5 has developed classes utilizing client specific databases and applications. These classes can be customized to include the topics that are important to the user community. Meta5 has developed classes from the very basic to the most complex in applications and data warehousing concepts. These on-site classes can be scheduled to accommodate specific client needs. Meta5, Inc. has been recognized as an IBM/Metaphor Business Partner specializing in their Intelligent Decision Server (meta5) products. Meta5 has been recommended by IBM/Metaphor to their clients since 1989. Meta5 has given presentations at IBM/Meta5 user group conferences allowing them to share their insight and experience with decision support systems. Meta5 is a member of IBM's BESTeam Program, IBM's Developer Assistance Program and DB2 Developer Assistance Program. Meta5 is also a certified consulting partner of Business Objects.
  • Meta5 has over ten years of experience with optimizing, designing, implementing and teaching data warehousing for decision support systems to many Fortune 500 companies.
  • Meta5 consulting services include data warehouse design, project management, schema design, metadata design, user requirements, application development, end user support, customized training and meta5 installations and upgrades. Our comprehensive services have helped our clients deliver the most successful Decision Support Systems.
  • Meta5 has the business knowledge and experience across various functional areas and industries. These areas include marketing, sales, marketing research and finance. Our industry experience in consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, financial services, banking, insurance, retail and telecommunications allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge to undertake your business needs.

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