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Friday, July 20, 2018

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Meta5, Inc. develops and markets business intelligence integration software to solve analytical problems for businesses with ever-changing data and data sources. The number one constraint many of our clients face is obtaining timely access to critical data that resides in a plethora of sources, ranging from relational databases to PC-based spreadsheets. The Meta5 product is precisely engineered to solve this problem in a rapid and consistent manner. In addition, Meta5 also provides the tools necessary to analyze and integrate this data, enhancing the efficacy and timeliness of critical business decisions.

Jim Kanzler, President and CEO of Meta5, Inc., brings over 15 years of experience in delivering business intelligence solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He has presented numerous times at DCI and is considered an expert in the business intelligence field. Under his guidance, his team of business intelligence consultants have brought their expertise to companies such as Phillip Morris, IBM, Coors Brewing Co., Pfizer, Ashland Oil, Merck, US Silica, Schering-Plough, Entenmanns, United Technology, Canadian Tire

The Meta5 Product

Meta5 provides a visual reporting environment that integrates data and applications across your corporate enterprise. With this unique functionality, we can quickly solve the most complicated business intelligence problems that require the majority of your development time. Meta5 highlights include:

  • A Visual Object Programming Environment that allows users to perform complicated analysis by connecting visual objects together without writing programming code.
  • The ability to query, extract and join data at the application level from relational, star schema, non-relational, ASCII, and spreadsheet data sources .
  • A 120 tool, feature-rich product that can be leveraged to incorporate other Windows-based tools, including Excel, Word and Outlook, allowing you to create the most comprehensive application development environment in the industry.
  • A fully-scalable, multi-tier architecture that accomodates the largest of corporate deployments. This architecture makes us the perfect application engine for your corporate portal, web-based or light-client solution.

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